Martin Summer

Martin is a non-fiction author writing about the natural environment and the relationship we have with it. His books aim to encourage his readers to embrace the philosophy of biophilia, the innate need humans have to connect with other life forms.

Passionate about outdoor sports, traveling, and learning, he seeks practical answers to the question of how we can live better through getting closer to nature.

Martin Summer Author

I want everyone to appreciate and protect nature

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My Books


Connecting with Life: Finding Nature in an Urban World

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In his debut book, Martin Summer aims to help readers find nature in an urban world. He discusses how our modern lives differ from the lifestyles of our ancestors. He then proceeds to cover six big problems of urbanization and their destructive impact on our lives. Practical solutions follow each discussed danger.

In the next part of the book, the author reveals what connecting with nature means in today’s world and why it’s possible to do so even in a big city. Summer provides easy and fun ideas to use all the senses on your natural outings. He discusses the tricky subject of finding a compromise between technology and nature. Through ten elements, he explains how to turn your home into a nature-friendly oasis. Lastly, he emphasizes the importance of nature stewardship and how to espouse it in your everyday life.

If you’re wishing to develop a deeper connection with life around you, Connecting with Life is the blueprint you need.

Projects I support

I dedicate a portion of royalties to support various environmental causes around the world.

Afforestt Open Source Video Tutorials

I supported a Kickstarter campaign that will create video tutorials on how to create a native, wild forest according to the Miyawaki method.